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FAQs - Sell Land Fast | We Buy Land

Sell Land Fast gets a variety of questions about what we do and how we do it for you. Please read the questions and answers below, and if you have a question, please contact us using the form below.

What title company do you use?

Answer: We use a variety of title companies across the United States since we buy land nationwide. If your property is in Florida, your closing will be with a title company in Florida.

Also, every state may have different rules to close a transaction. As an example, North and South Carolina require an attorney to do the closing. If that was the case, we have attorneys in those states that will do the closing and transfer the title to us…while you get a check!

Do you buy properties that are in probate?

Answer: Yes. All the time. Many of our customers sell their vacant land to use because they inherited a property they will never use.

Do you really pay all closing costs?

Answer: Yes. We cover all closing costs for you, the Seller. We do this because we have relationships with title companies and attorneys across the nation.

Do you buy properties that have back taxes?

Answer: Yep…we sure do! If you owe back taxes on your vacant land, we can often pay those off for you and still cut you a check. However, we handle this on a case-by-case basis.

How do you come up with your offer?

Answer: Carefully. When we make an offer on your property, our software factors in several things about your property. Here are just a handful of details that craft your offer:

  1. Location, Location, Location – Golden rules of real estate. it is all about the location. Is it prime or is it rural?
  2. Market Conditions – The real estate market changes daily. We factor in current market conditions into all of our offers.
  3. We Pay ALL Cash – Cash is king in real estate.
  4. We Pay Closing Costs –  All costs for closing will be covered by us, instead of you!
  5. We Pay Liens – If you have liens on your property, we may be able to pay those off too.
  6. No Realtor Fees – Realtors take up to 10 percent commission for vacant land as an industry standard.

When the bubble burst in 2008, my vacant land’s value drastically declined. Will it ever come back up?

Answer: We wish we had a crystal ball and could offer you this valuable insight, however, nobody can predict the future. Many landowners are selling their lots to us and taking a tax deduction because they are tired of paying property taxes on a dud property. Sometimes it is just better to get that heavy-weighted feeling of a rock off your chest. Get a Fast Cash Offer Now!

Do you buy tax deeds?

Answer: No. We do not buy tax deeds or tax lien certificates from investors. Our business model is to purchase vacant land from landowners.

Do you buy or flip contracts from wholesalers?

Answer: No. We do not buy contracts from other investors looking to flip a property.

Do you offer commissions or bird dog fees?

Answer: No. We cannot offer a fee for real estate bird dogs. Florida Real Estate Commission does not allow for unlicensed people to receive a commission for referring deals.

Do you work with Realtors?

Answer: We prefer to buy land directly from the owners and avoid Realtor fees. Typically we do not, because we do not want to step on anyone else’s toes. Realtors also expect big commissions; usually, up to 10 percent for vacant land is a common practice.

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