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We Buy Timber Land

we buy timber land

When many people think of investing in real estate, buying timberland is not usually on top of their list. This is because many of them are oblivious to ROI in this line of business. statistics show that a timberland investment can generate up to 14 percent profit annually.

With this in mind, if you have vacant land in the US, you can make some extra cash by selling it to us. We buy timberland at very reasonable prices as per the region’s going rate.

But, Why Sell the Land to us

Selling a piece of real estate is a very complicated process. Mostly, it involves a lot of paperwork and processes. However, when we buy timberland, we help you avoid all these red tapes while making sure the transactions are secure.

Here’s why its beneficial to sell timberland to us:

  • Fast cash– We buy timberland for cash. This process saves you the hassle of cumbersome paperwork. You get your money fast as compared to when dealing with banks. Allow us to make an offer today! If we come to an agreement, you’ll get your money in no time.
  • We pay all closing costs– Are you looking to maximize your returns on your vacant land? When we buy timberland we pay all the closing costs! This goes without saying that you stand to benefit by making an extra buck.
  • Stress-free– Our highly diligent team makes the process of transferring land as easy as possible. When dealing with us, we handle all the processes while you sit back and relax.
  • We pay back taxes– Do you have outstanding taxes on the property you intend to sell to us? Worry not, because we pay back taxes on many projects we buy.
  • We pay liens– Sometimes we go the extra mile of paying any previous lien on the property in question.
  • We have a strong team– We work with a team of highly qualified real estate professionals.

What do we Look for in the Timberland We Buy?

As a company, we invest in timberlands, which is a long term investment. In the long run, our main aim is to make good returns on our investments. That’s why before taking the important step of purchasing any vacant land for our business, we make careful considerations. Read on to understand the things we consider before we buy timberland.

1. Accessibility

When buying timberland, access is the most fundamental factor we take into consideration. We understand that the process of extracting timber can be very daunting, that’s why we look for areas that our cars can easily access.

More importantly, the process of establishing young woodlands involve contractors with vehicles. Before we buy any timberland, we test the accessibility of public road networks. If the property in question is not accessible to the public road network, sometimes we go the extra mile to try and own the private roads linking to the property.

If it’s not possible, then the land is not viable for us.

2. Title Conditions and Third Party Rights

Our team of highly qualified real estate agents usually checks every title to determine whether there are prohibitions against commercial forestry on the region where the land in question is located. More importantly, we have to learn whether the neighborhood proprietors will be affected by tree growth or not.

Remember, all third party rights sometimes may exist, but may not be evident from the title deeds. These third-party rights could be unwritten, but still legally enforceable. That’s why before we buy timberland, we use a forestry consultant to conduct a physical inspection on the vacant land in question.

3. The Pricing of Real Estate in the Area

Real estate in the US varies from one place to another. Before we buy timberland we conduct a comprehensive research on the average going rate of real estate in the region we intend to invest. While we are always fair, we like to stick with the actual value of the land in question—after all, we are running a business.

Always remember our offers are sometimes negotiable, but not with big margins, since our real estate agents have profound knowledge in such undertakings, and give accurate quotes. We believe in fairness and we have never taken advantage of anybody.

4. Environmental Conditions

Since we are a forestry-oriented business, we consider the weather in a region before we buy timberland. We make sure that the environmental conditions can support the trees we intend to plant. More importantly, we analyze the soil to see if it’s viable. In our line of business, we always look for areas where trees can grow within the required period.

Before you Leave

Do you have any vacant land in the US? We buy timberland in different regions in the US. Our prices are reasonable, and we help you to mitigate the hassle of cumbersome paperwork when selling land.

If you wish to sell your vacant land or want to learn more about our company, contact us.

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