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Why Most Real Estate Agents Have a Hard Time Selling Land

lack of skills prevents realtor from selling vacant land

Many people think that the market dynamics of land and undeveloped lots are the same as that of existing homes because they’re both properties. However, they couldn’t be more wrong because these are two separate entities in the world of real estate. This misunderstanding is the reason why real estate agents have a hard time selling vacant land.

When you understand the difference between these two markets, they’ll be able to sell land faster.

What is the Difference

1. Vacant land Buyers are not the same as Home Buyers

Well, to begin with, the people that buy homes are very different from those that buy vacant land. This means that you cannot use the same techniques to sell to both groups. If you want to sell undeveloped land, you have to target the right audience.

Understand the characteristics of potential buyers in different markets goes a long way. Many real estate agents waste energy and resources targeting uninterested audiences when they could be making major sales.

You need to work with a real estate agency that understands the desires, perspectives and needs of buyers. Whereas home buyers are looking for move-in-ready properties, lot and vacant land buyers are usually real estate developers looking to start projects.

This means, to capture the attention of a land buyer, one has to convince them that the property is in the right location. Real estate developers want to start projects at locales that offer them opportunities for customization.

2. Selling Land Requires a Specific Set of Techniques

The main reason why you’re encouraged to work with experts in the real estate sector is because, different sales require a specific set of skills. Imagine this, when a real estate agent is selling a home; they have a Facade that drives their agenda.

They can walk the client through the house and prove that it’s in good condition. Delivering as a selling pitch for a home is quite easy because the client can see it for themselves.

When it comes to selling lots and lands however, you have to dig deeper. Raw land is not as visually photogenic as move-in-ready homes. How then do you ensure that your buyer can visualize themselves developing in the land?

For undeveloped lots, the pitch is more about the possibilities and opportunities. You need to ensure you pique the interest of the buyer based on the project they’re looking to start.

3. Vacant land Market is Less Active

As aforementioned, the market for homes is nothing like the market for lots and lands. The latter is less active, and this is a major contributing factor to sales rates.

Whereas existing homes almost always have a vibrant market, the land market has very few buyers. This also means that the competition is quite stiff, and the commissions are low.

Lot listings get fewer contacts as compared to home listings because people hardly have time to start from scratch.

You need to be very patient when selling your vacant land. Sales might take longer to complete, but if you’re working with experts, you can sell your land for fast cash.

But don’t be discouraged. Lot and raw land markets continue to heat up across the country. And while the wide gap between the two may seem disheartening, people successfully sell raw lands every day. We’re here to help.

The Benefits of Working with experts

1. Fast Cash at Closing

Having a raw land that won’t sell can be a huge burden. Instead of struggling to sell without any expertise in the field, why not let the experts handle it?

Remember, do not just go to a real estate agent because not all of them know how to sell lots. If you want fast cash at closing, choose a real estate agency that ha cash readily available. This way, you can proceed with your investments.

2. Cash Buyers

You need to work with an agency that prioritizes solving your cash needs. We’ve already established that selling vacant land takes time. Experts have the techniques to sell and the cash to pay you upfront. Remember cash buying also means less paperwork.

3. They Pay all Closing Costs

If you’ve sold a property before, you know how high closing costs can get. Imagine working with an agency that ensures the selling process is as smooth as possible.

Closing costs are not only frustrating, but they also take you steps back because it’s money out of your pocket.

4. You’ll Enjoy a Stress Free Transaction

Selling a property is almost always associated with stress. This will not be the case if you work with experts. If you’re looking for a hassle-free solution to sell your land, be sure to contact the experts.


Selling vacant land is a pain is many people’s necks, and the real estate agents that they turn to are clueless as well. Working with experts ensures that you get that vacant land out of your hands in no time.

We Buy Timber Land

we buy timber land

When many people think of investing in real estate, buying timberland is not usually on top of their list. This is because many of them are oblivious to ROI in this line of business. statistics show that a timberland investment can generate up to 14 percent profit annually.

With this in mind, if you have vacant land in the US, you can make some extra cash by selling it to us. We buy timberland at very reasonable prices as per the region’s going rate.

But, Why Sell the Land to us

Selling a piece of real estate is a very complicated process. Mostly, it involves a lot of paperwork and processes. However, when we buy timberland, we help you avoid all these red tapes while making sure the transactions are secure.

Here’s why its beneficial to sell timberland to us:

  • Fast cash– We buy timberland for cash. This process saves you the hassle of cumbersome paperwork. You get your money fast as compared to when dealing with banks. Allow us to make an offer today! If we come to an agreement, you’ll get your money in no time.
  • We pay all closing costs– Are you looking to maximize your returns on your vacant land? When we buy timberland we pay all the closing costs! This goes without saying that you stand to benefit by making an extra buck.
  • Stress-free– Our highly diligent team makes the process of transferring land as easy as possible. When dealing with us, we handle all the processes while you sit back and relax.
  • We pay back taxes– Do you have outstanding taxes on the property you intend to sell to us? Worry not, because we pay back taxes on many projects we buy.
  • We pay liens– Sometimes we go the extra mile of paying any previous lien on the property in question.
  • We have a strong team– We work with a team of highly qualified real estate professionals.

What do we Look for in the Timberland We Buy?

As a company, we invest in timberlands, which is a long term investment. In the long run, our main aim is to make good returns on our investments. That’s why before taking the important step of purchasing any vacant land for our business, we make careful considerations. Read on to understand the things we consider before we buy timberland.

1. Accessibility

When buying timberland, access is the most fundamental factor we take into consideration. We understand that the process of extracting timber can be very daunting, that’s why we look for areas that our cars can easily access.

More importantly, the process of establishing young woodlands involve contractors with vehicles. Before we buy any timberland, we test the accessibility of public road networks. If the property in question is not accessible to the public road network, sometimes we go the extra mile to try and own the private roads linking to the property.

If it’s not possible, then the land is not viable for us.

2. Title Conditions and Third Party Rights

Our team of highly qualified real estate agents usually checks every title to determine whether there are prohibitions against commercial forestry on the region where the land in question is located. More importantly, we have to learn whether the neighborhood proprietors will be affected by tree growth or not.

Remember, all third party rights sometimes may exist, but may not be evident from the title deeds. These third-party rights could be unwritten, but still legally enforceable. That’s why before we buy timberland, we use a forestry consultant to conduct a physical inspection on the vacant land in question.

3. The Pricing of Real Estate in the Area

Real estate in the US varies from one place to another. Before we buy timberland we conduct a comprehensive research on the average going rate of real estate in the region we intend to invest. While we are always fair, we like to stick with the actual value of the land in question—after all, we are running a business.

Always remember our offers are sometimes negotiable, but not with big margins, since our real estate agents have profound knowledge in such undertakings, and give accurate quotes. We believe in fairness and we have never taken advantage of anybody.

4. Environmental Conditions

Since we are a forestry-oriented business, we consider the weather in a region before we buy timberland. We make sure that the environmental conditions can support the trees we intend to plant. More importantly, we analyze the soil to see if it’s viable. In our line of business, we always look for areas where trees can grow within the required period.

Before you Leave

Do you have any vacant land in the US? We buy timberland in different regions in the US. Our prices are reasonable, and we help you to mitigate the hassle of cumbersome paperwork when selling land.

If you wish to sell your vacant land or want to learn more about our company, contact us.

What to Do if You Inherited Some Land?

people inheriting land

Managing a loved one’s affairs when they die is never easy. However, if you have recently lost a loved one, you may need to apply for probate to deal with their real estate.

It is a gruesome topic shunned by many, but when a loved one dies, you may be responsible for sorting out their property, money, and other possessions in a process referred to as “probate.” Unless for the most complicated cases, you can file for probate on your own.

But before you get going you need to:

  • Check to ensure that you can inherit the land
  • Prove order of Succession
  • And have a new deed drafted

You Already Inherited Land, What Next?

First of all, inheriting land is beneficial to your life if you make the right decisions. While most people understand exactly what they need to do with inherited property, others are not sure to retain it, sell it, or live in it.

Making this decision can sometimes prove difficult, especially for the many heirs who have an emotional connection to their inheritance.

You need to make many considerations to determine if your new land is going to be a great opportunity or a headache.

This might help yo evaluate:

Costs Associated With Inherited Land

It is essential to understand that there are many costs associated with your new property.

Outstanding obligations of an estate are usually settled after death during the administration of the estate by the executor or court.

However, some obligations might come after the estate is processed depending on:

  • The value of the property
  • Relationship with the beneficiary
  • How the estate was settles
  • And many more

But still, other costs unrelated to the inheritance may come up in inherited land ownership. They include:

Inheritance Taxes

Also known as death, taxes can be complicated unless you are well informed and knowledgeable. You might even require to hire an attorney to sort things out.

When someone passes, an inheritance tax is levied on the estate left behind. Most times, the beneficiary does not pay this inheritance tax. This is especially so if estates fall below exemption thresholds, which currently stands at $ 5 million, or have liquid assets that can pay all the estate taxes.

Nevertheless, you may be charged if the deceased property cannot or will not pay it.


Inheriting a piece of land comes with inheriting any liabilities and liens on the property.

Death does not eliminate any outstanding mortgages on the land. In some cases, death will cause the entire loan to become due.

If you can pay the costs, then well and good. However, you may want to consider selling if the prices are too much. Many trustworthy land buyers will deal with all the paperwork for you.

Community Fees

This cost is associated with inherited land located in a planned community. Even if there is no house on the property, you may be liable for previous unpaid homeowner’s association (HOA) fees. You will also be responsible for any recurring fees going forward.

Please note that failure to settle the HOA fees may result in liens on the lot or even foreclosure.

Insurance and Maintenance

Inheriting a piece of land also comes with inheriting the responsibilities associated with the property. These responsibilities include maintenance costs and insurance, if any.

In some states, the transfer of land, even through inheritance, may lead to a reassessment, which can lead to higher land taxes for the new owner.

And paying all these costs is mandatory. The last thing you want after the inheritance is losing your property to auctioneers after incurring considerable expenses.

Sell or Hold On?

Many people prefer holding on to their inherited property.

Inherited land is viewed as “family” land and has an emotional attachment for family members. We understand you might choose to hold on to old memories of growing up and going fishing on your inherited land, especially if you are comfortable settling all the associated costs.

Even if there are no attachments to the inheritance, some people view land as a long time investment or as something to pass down to future generations.

But Wait

Don’t rule out selling just yet.

Selling your inherited land has many benefits like a cash windfall or money to invest in another income stream.

Besides, if you can sell immediately after your loved one’s death, there is little or no taxable capital. All the costs mentioned above are now the buyer’s problem.

Selling the Property

If you decide selling is the best option, you should start by hiring an appraiser to value your land. Expert opinion always matters. You may also require the help of other experts like surveyors and real estate lawyers.

Next, you can place a large sign on the property. Writing for sale and a phone number is enough.

Afterward, you sit back and wait for calls.

But note that selling vacant land is challenging, and takes longer than selling a house.

We Buy Land Fast

Instead of going through all that hustle to sell a piece of land, you can contact sell land fast to sell your property quickly. We are interested in buying your inherited land.

Our extensive network of vacant land investors might buy your land, or we can decide to buy it ourselves.

Sell Land Fast makes selling land easier with our hassle-free transactions, fast cash, and paying all closing fees.

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