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Situated in Lake County, Umatilla, FL is home to little more than 3,000 people and experiences sunny weather year round. Despite its size and proximity to Florida’s natural beauty (its county contains 250 lakes), Umatilla hasn’t experienced the population boom some were expecting. The city saw a 64% increase in population since 2000, but local growth has remained stagnant for the past four years.

Individuals with land in Umatilla, FL are in a great position to sell as a result. If you have vacant land in Umatilla, it takes only a short time to liquidate it for cash when you choose Sell Land Fast! Our process is incredibly easy and pain-free, which is why land owners throughout Florida choose us to get rid of their unwanted land.

Is Now the Time to Sell My Umatilla, FL Land?

No one can tell you if it’s the right time to sell your land, but there are a few reasons Umatilla land owners think the time is now. Here’s why some of our clients have decided it’s time to get rid of their vacant land:

  • Convenience. Does your land require ongoing maintenance? Are you tired of paying property taxes with no return on your investment? Do you simply want to clean up your investment portfolio? Sometimes holding onto property that costs more than it’s worth means it’s time to sell.
  • Location. Where is your Umatilla, FL land? Is it tucked away into the wilderness or does it have building potential? Even if it’s in a great location, how much effort do you want to spend finding a qualified real estate agent, sourcing buyers, and dealing with banks? If that sounds like a hassle, you might want to sell your land for fast cash.
  • Value. Does your land contain any features that make it valuable? What are the chances your land’s value will double in the next 5, 10, or 20 years? Given Umatilla’s stagnation in recent years, the chances are pretty slim. Don’t waste time with land that doesn’t perform for you; instead, trust Sell Land Fast to get you a great cash offer.

Why Choose Sell Land Fast?

If you’re ready to sell your land, you might be tempted to hire a real estate agent to unload your property. After all, this is the path many land owners choose and ultimately they pay the price through commissions, fees, and extended closing times. This is one reason Sell Land Fast has become a popular choice for land owners who don’t want the hassles that come with traditional real estate transactions.

We Buy Land Fast

We don’t take months (while you wait) to complete the sale. Your time is valuable, which is why once you contact us, we start evaluating your land’s worth, conducting research, and send you an offer quickly. Accepting it is simple: You sign our agreement and we pay you!

We Buy Land with Liens and Taxes

Have land with liens or back taxes and you just don’t want the headache anymore? Did you inherit less-than-perfect land from a loved one or business deal? In many cases we can offer a cash payment in addition to paying off the land’s debts.

We Pay Cash – No Banks!

Pre-qualification, bank fees, lengthy approval processes, drawn-out closing procedures. You won’t deal with any of that with Sell Land Fast. We leave the banks out of it and get you cash for land fast!

We Don’t Charge Fees

Say goodbye to 10% real estate agent commissions, closing fees, research fees, and any of the other hidden fees that pop up during a standard real estate transaction. With Sell Land Fast, we get you cash for your Umatilla, FL land quicker than the competition and you get to keep 100% of it. We cover the costs of everything else.

Contact Us To Sell Your Umatilla, FL Land

Don’t let your Umatilla, FL land go to waste! Turn it into fast cash when you choose Sell Land Fast. Get started today by completing our quick and easy online form available here: https://selllandfast.com/sell-your-land/ Once you’re finished, we start working on your offer and will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the next steps.

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