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We buy your vacant land in Charlotte, NC! Do you want to let go of your unimproved land in the Charlotte area? Fill out our online form and a Sell Land Fast vacant land expert will call you to work out the details! Tell us your concerns about selling. Many clients worry that they will be on the hook for thousands of dollars in closing costs. That’s not the way we do business.

Unlike most vacant land buyers, we believe that the best way to get referrals is to conduct business fairly. Here’s the Sell Land Fast business model in a nutshell: you get cash quickly and we gain new inventory of vacant lots in North Carolina.

Why Do You Want to Sell Land Fast?

Many landowners in Charlotte, NC, worry that they are stuck with their land and that an economic downturn will make it impossible to sell their vacant land. Here are other reasons property owners seek the advice of Sell Land Fast vacant land specialists:

  • The average property tax payment in Charlotte is $2,300 a year.
  • Charlotte’s high crime and unemployment may outweigh the city’s many amenities for prospective buyers
  • The burden of land ownership is more than you want to deal with
  • High healthcare costs and below average air quality may detract from your land’s saleabilty
  • You need cash now and aren’t using the land!

We Buy Your Vacant Land in Charlotte, NC

We are interested in your unused land in Charlotte, North Carolina, no matter why you’re selling. If you need money to send your kids to college or to plan your retirement, we are happy to help. Forget about old-fashioned sales in the open market. You won’t wait for months or years to walk away with fast cash for your vacant land.

At Sell Land Fast, we make it easy for vacant landowners in Mecklenburg County, NC to trade landownership nightmares into dreams fueled by liquid cash in your pocket.

Why Our Clients Love Sell Land Fast

We pay all the closing costs and you don’t have to wait until we have a buyer lined up to get your piece of the action. Our vacant land experts go over every step of the process, and the first thing that we explain is that you pay $0 at closing.

There are few things more disappointing than to have a number on paper that doesn’t account for your expenses. Sellers typically pay the vast majority of closing costs, but that’s not how Sell Land Fast works. From the beginning, you know that the price we offer for your property is the amount you walk away with. It’s that simple to sell your vacant lot in Charlotte, NC.

Our vacant land experts pull any taxes or liens on the property to ensure a clear title before we close. We handle any outstanding expenses so you don’t have to. If you are on the hook for unpaid taxes and liens, this can even improve your credit rating!

You Are the Client at Sell Land Fast

We want to buy vacant land in Charlotte, NC, and welcome the opportunity to handle the transaction, which saves us money. You can reallocate money that you have spent on property taxes and maintenance and leave behind the stress of owning land that you cannot develop.

Basically, the only money that passes through your hands is the check for your vacant land sale that you can put into your bank account.

How the Process Works

Developing and improving vacant land for sale is part of our mission at Sell Land Fast. We know that keeping you happy smoothes the deal over and earns us your respect, which may turn into a referral someday. Here’s how the process of selling your vacant land in North Carolina works.

First, we go to the Mecklenburg County offices to research the value and any encumbrances on the land. We use this information to make you a fair offer with no strings attached.

Your Sell Land Fast vacant land expert opens an escrow account to facilitate the land sale and organize the closing. Once again, you pay $0 toward the closing costs and walk away free of the responsibility for your unwanted land.

Fill out our form at https://selllandfast.com/sell-your-land/ to get started now!

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